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Company Profile
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Company Profile

Outline (Makoto Metal Tech. Inc.)
registration: Feb.2000
capital : P16,000,000
Stock holders
Maruemu Die-casting Co. LTD.(70%)
(subsidiary of Makoto Light Metal Co. LTD.)
Philippine Makoto Corp.(10%)
Shigenori Kobayashi (10%)
Ryuta Kobayashi (10%)
employees: 180
Lot area : 10,000㎡ Floor area : 1,034㎡(casting)+2,661㎡(machining)

Makoto Light Metal Co. LTD. was established in 1968, right in the middle of Japan 's high economic growth, in which optical industry had contributed to act one of the main roles. In those days, most of the manufacturers in the machining industry, usually running in small shops, were struggling against the long & heavy raw materials usually in the form of bars or pipes. Facing this absurd, tiresome & wasteful work of his customers, our founder Shigenori Kobayashi realized that he could do something to this problem. It was how we started our distribution business of light metal materials with the little extra service of cutting into pieces as required by the individual customer. This was the first appearance of light metal distributor who provides this kind of service in Japan .  
All throughout its more than 30 years in the business, the role of Makoto Light Metal changed together with the drastic transition of manufacturing industry in Japan . The opening of die-casting factory in 198_ or the deployment to the field of machining was just an inevitable result of those changes in the manufacturing field.  
The establishment of Philippine Makoto Corporation was also one of the necessary results of our strides to serve our customer better. Fortunately, this new move became a big turning point and that was more than what we expected.  With the support of our customers and our great partnership, we expanded not only in the original field of business which is metal machining, but also in the field of assembly of optical products & lens production.  We are striving to gain further improvement in our capability as an integrated supplier of optical and metal products, from the initial process of material handling up to the final assembly. We strive harder to build well-designed integrated control system to achieve customer satisfaction.  
As a example to show our continuous effort to answer the growing demand from the customers, we established an additional facility in Cebu named as Makoto Metal Technology, Inc. We  branched out  the metal machining division of Philippine Makoto aiming  for  further expansion in each area of business. We ensure  that  this will become one  big step for our future.  
Although we see these changes in our main field of our business, we believe that we were tracing our own path toward the enhanced benefit of the customers, which was the principal object of our company from the time it started.  From now on, we aim to keep  improving ourselves as an integrated manufacturer of  "metal and optical products” utilizing  all of our capabilities in order to meet the expanding & diversifying requirements  of our customers . We try harder to keep changing ourselves in a meaningful way  by  being flexible enough, while always reminding ourselves what was the principal spirit of foundation.


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